Building On Premise and Azure SQL Server Solutions

Mastering of Data platform services is creating the perfect architecture and design for enterprise data platform. Such type of projects pass through phases of collecting customer requirements and then detailed planning of Database, Index, Replication, Transaction log and Memory Management architecture. All aspects of solution are designed from our team with appropriate capacity and scalability. Conclusion of design phase is leading to smooth implementation of well performing solution that will serve customer needs. Designed solution will process expected transactions and will allow future expansion and data load, covering expected customers’ business growth.

Design and Implementation of HADR Solutions

Designing a high availability and disaster recovery solution is a fine architecting task, in which our team takes into consideration every aspect of customer infrastructure. Final solution will be relevant to customers’ data centers, storage and network resources and most of all will be compliant with business data availability requirements. Completion of this project will implement solution that is designed to cover all requirements for RTO and RPO of customer business, accompanied with detailed recovery plan, that will ensure business continuity in case of disaster.

Migration and Consolidation of SQL Servers

Migration/Consolidation and Data merge projects are one of the most complicated projects, highly dependent on detailed “AS IS” analysis. Thorough understanding of existing situation leads to design of new solution and migration to it with minimal downtime. Typical outcome of such projects is upgraded and better preforming data platform enterprises; Cost savings in infrastructure and licenses from consolidation; Data merges, more stable data platforms, improved maintenance process and cost savings from operational perspective.

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