Services for monitoring, administering and support of SQL Server infrastructures

Call4Help – Advisory Services

SQL Server Remote Support and Administration

Incident Support

Call for help are subscription advisory services where you can receive consultation from INSPIRIT’s on the phone or email with Time To Response up to 4 hours (if not immediately). Requests are for verbal and/or written technical advice, considerations, guidelines or recommendations, related to critical SQL Server instances for customers’ environment.

Remote Support and administration are proactive services that covers Call4Help services along with Daily monitoring tasks like Error logs analysis, SQL Jobs analysis, Resource monitoring for agreed instances. In addition, the tasks may include periodical occurrence of Patch Management, Baselining and performance analysis, DR configuration testing, etc. Services are flexible and are upon agreement.

In the incident support INSPIRIT is focusing on case of emergencies where on-site support from team experts is needed to help Organization team to relieve the critical situation, help resolving a problem and decrease the downtime period. Support is based on number of critical incidents per year in which, onsite presence will be required.

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