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BI Developer

Full time, Remote

Database Developer

Full time, Remote

Junior SQL Server DBA

Full time, Remote

Junior Database Developer

Full time, Remote



Business Analyst

I’m thankful to INSPIRIT for giving me the chance to move from the mundane daily routine of accounting and compliance to the far more interesting and dynamic life of a business analyst. I highly appreciate the trust that has been placed in me. Joining this company was a career changer. It’s like I hit the bull’s-eye, won the lottery, or got a first-class ticket… For which I’ll always be grateful!


I’d like to personally thank Magi for giving me the opportunity to really push myself out of my comfort zone by training me to be a trainer. The Train the Trainer sessions are like drinking juice from an endless pool of trainer experience.


I’d also like to thank Krasi. Working actively with you has shown me that nothing is impossible. There is nothing that can’t be learned, and even more so, there is nothing that can’t be learned in two days (and sometimes even overnight).


Operations Manager

It all started exactly seven years ago, as if it had been a joke, with an interview on a Friday afternoon. A day that turned out to be key to my overall development. With small steps, I was gradually learning the business and the processes. I was constantly helped to develop my qualities and strengths. I had many lessons to learn and mistakes to make. Then came the moment when I was entrusted with the company’s training center. It’s a pleasure, a privilege, and a huge responsibility for me to manage the SQL Master Academy, which I know was created with so much effort and passion by Magi. Seeing how much she puts in – her never-ending energy, discipline, and initiative – is an important example that I try to follow.


By learning the processes in the company, I also have the opportunity to participate in the operational activities of the consulting business, which gives me another field for development. For me, INSPIRIT has become a family and a teacher. The company provides me with a new opportunity and a new adventure every day, and introduces me to professionals from all over the world. I get to work on innovative, business-changing projects. It’s priceless, and I thank you!


Junior SQL Server Specialist

INSPIRIT is the place where, in just a few months, I managed to learn so much more than I ever imagined I could. Even if I’d gone somewhere else, it would’ve taken years. The company’s management – Magi and Krasi – together with the specialists in the team, have extremely rich experience. They’re an example that professional development should never stop – the world is changing, so we must keep pace. But first and foremost, they are PEOPLE, which makes work extremely enjoyable!


Before joining the company, I only knew the direction in which I wanted to develop. But only that much. I was more of a “turn signal.” The rest is thanks to Magi and Krasi. I have the honor to be part of INSPIRIT, for which I sincerely THANK YOU!


Junior DB specialist

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that INSPIRIT gave me to be part of this dream work environment. Gaining knowledge and experience from the best professionals is invaluable. At every moment of difficulty with a task, there are mentors available to provide assistance in the most understandable way – this turns the difficulty into newly acquired knowledge, and it’s very interesting. For me, it is a real pleasure to be part of the positive and friendly team of INSPIRIT.


Database Administrator


A few years ago, I was approved to participate in the “Summer DBA Academy” – a one-month training camp by INSPIRIT that prepared me and the other participants to start working as Junior DB Admins at their partners. I was given the opportunity to join INSPIRIT and continue my development in database administration. I participated in many more trainings and had a mentor with whom I observed cases and their solutions in a real work environment.

INSPIRIT built me up as a professional, gave me the necessary knowledge and continues to teach me every day so that I can constantly develop and grow in my profession.



Junior SQL Server specialist


I’d like to express my gratitude to INSPIRIT for giving me the chance to work with them! During this time, I’ve realized that every task and its successful completion in a fast and interesting environment has helped me develop as a person with knowledge, experience, self-confidence, and satisfaction with the work that I’ve done.

I was fortunate that, thanks to Magi and Krasi, I was chosen among many candidates for this position. Me, who had just come out of the student bench, with some theory but no practice behind my back.

I thank both of them for mobilizing me with the dynamics of the work process and for the patience, training, and guidance I have received. I appreciate the trust, and I hope to live up to it!

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