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SQL Server Fundamentals courses give you an excellent base for successful career as administrator or database developer. Their practical purpose, use of scenarios of working practice will help both the beginners, as well as the more experienced students to protect in a better way the data of their organizations, to react quicker and adequate to all issues, which are database related, and to avoid following some harmful myths and wrong concepts in administration and database development.

The courses of SQL Server Mastering series consist of modules which are comparatively complicated regarding the technical level and which are designed and intended for professionals with an experience in the field of SQL Server. Trainings include solid theoretical material, part of which comes directly from the programme team, who develops SQL Server in Microsoft, numerous demonstrations from and practical examples, unpublished tuning techniques to increase of SQL Server performance.

Deep Dive Series consists of two and three-day trainings with technical level 300+ (level 100 – beginners, level 400 – masters). Those courses are focused on specific components of SQL Server and there are a significant number of practical advices, examples of real infrastructural solutions, discussions of real situations which students have in their infrastructures and want to discuss, a lot of demonstrations and huge theoretical part.

The design of the relational database is one important and inseparable part of the solution development. Those are knowledge and skills which every DB Dev or DB Designer should have. A huge part of the problems in the production sphere is due to a not good base model or to such, which does not scale well. The courses for the design of relational database we offer in SQL Master Academy, are oriented not only to the mastering of the relational model and the good design of the subject filed but also to the mastering of good practices in the modeling of a scalable database.

SQL Master Academy has its own set of professional courses in the field of BI and Data Science. They are designed for professionals who want to gain knowledge or to improve their skills in the area of R, PowerBI, Data Mining and Datawarehouse in Azure.

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